The Liberal Catholic Universalist Church

Jenny Gray

September 10, 2017 | Jenny Gray

The Project

Humanity has been involved in a project since the days our ancestors first achieved sufficient sentience to begin to understand it. I think of the project as spirituality. Others have different names for it. It is the need to make things better. To be better people. To progress. To give meaning. To heal. To restore. To create. To love.

The project is not politics. The project is not religion. The project is not family. The project is not science. The project is not community. It's basic, it's at the core of things. Every choice we make, everything we do, advances or impedes the project.

Some of us are awake to this. Some of us are not. Those who are awake, are diverse in their capabilities, diverse in their progress, diverse in their success, diverse in their beliefs. All religions and none. All walks of life. All identities. All abilities. But a shared awareness of the project and its tools. Wisdom. Compassion. Justice. Love. Selflessness. Some change the world. Some make beautiful things. Some save lives. Some can manage very little. It all advances the project.

Choose a path. It might lead you into politics, or religion, or science, or community, or anywhere else. It might give you a new appreciation of where you are. But choose.

Join the team.